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I’m a web developer and independent film producer with a passion for projects that change the way we view the world.

My background in creative roles, management and several years of running my own business.

I’ve built apps in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. I’ve dabbled in WebSockets and Arduino, and recently built a robot.


Nebula Creatives

is a diverse collective of filmmakers and artists who believe in creativity through collaboration. Started as a small art and design studio in 2005, it is now a fast growing international mixed media company where talents in art, film and design come together to create meaningful multi-layered visual and audio work.


is a web application designed to inspire and teach children how to code. Using javascript and following progressive challenges, children are able to move both an animated robot on screen and a real robot alongside them.

Asteria the Brave

is a HTML5 game written in javascript using the Phaser library with a Rails backend. One or two players compete by jumping on orbs in space, trying to collect as many blue orbs as possible while avoiding red orbs and falling off the screen.